Château DOMS

A beautiful family wine estate in the Graves, the heart of the Bordeaux’s vineyard.

Terroir picture

The “terroir”

The concept of “terroir”, very important in viticulture, includes several factors: soil, climate, grape variety and know-how. The Graves terroir gives our wine its originality, its typicity.


Château Doms is located in the heart of the Graves appellation, one of the most prestigious wine-growing areas in Bordeaux, which takes its name from the gravelly soil that is typical of the region. The layer of gravel on a sandy soil is a real asset for the cultivation of the vines. For example, efficiently reflecting the sun’s radiation, the gravel gradually redistributes heat to the bunches of grapes and thus contributes to a better ripening of the fruit.
The vineyard is located on a hill formed by gravelly deposits. It benefits from excellent exposure to the sun with slopes that are sufficient to ensure exceptional natural drainage.


Four grape varieties are planted in the vineyard: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red wines, Semillon and Sauvignon for white wines. Each variety has its specific characteristics. The Cabernet Sauvignon brings structure and finesse to the wine, while the Merlot surprises with its bouquet of ripe fruit aromas and colour. Expert blending optimizes these characteristics in our wines.

Last but not least, our know-how is the key to the quality and typicity of our wines. For five generations, knowledge of terroir and wine making has been handed down from mother to daughter. The wines are made in accordance with traditions that have evolved over generations.